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The Makeover Club is my monthly membership for women to feel good in Body AND Mind. 
* Weight Loss
* Confidence
* Stress-reduction
* Self Worth
* Plus SO much more goodness!

  Online Courses / Makeover Club Packs
This Pack has been created to ensure that you reach your weight loss goal this year! 

* Get clear on your goals
* Create your monthly schedules

Your investment: £47

**Please note: This Pack is also available in The Makeover Club
If you're fed up of being overweight, it's really getting you down and you are ready to start making a change right now - this course is for you! Start losing weight straight away from the comfort of your own home.
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**Please note: This Course is also available in The Makeover Club
  Mp3 Downloads
This guided visualisation can help you to gain control over your desire for chocolate!
Recording time: 18 minutes
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How would you feel if you could mindfully say no to junk food and feel completely in control? To resist the temptation of junk food without feeling deprived?
This guided visualisation may help you to gain control over your desire for junk food – Recording time: 24 minutes
  Journals & Diaries
21 Day Food Diary

Do you often find yourself eating mindlessly, eating ‘just for the sake of it’?
This printable pdf gives you all the information you need to start eating mindfully! With absolutely no dieting involved! (Hooray!)

The 21 Day Food Diary may help you to take control of your eating habits.
And that feeling is priceless :-)

This is a gorgeous 21 day food diary designed to not only help you eat more mindfully, but also to recognise when you are eating emotionally.
This diary will help you to listen to your body and become more in tune with it. Its beautiful design will surely put a smile on your face every single day!

Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude has SO many benefits, including helping us to feel happier, attracting people to like us, strengthening our emotions, helping us become more optimistic and increasing self-esteem.

What is a gratitude journal? This is a daily log of what you are grateful for. I have, however, added some extras in to enhance the ‘feel-good factor’-

* Today I choose to feel… * Someone or something that made me feel good today… * Sum up today in 3 words… * I am proud of myself today because…

The Gratitude Journal can help you to practice gratitude every day and night, and help you to feel better in yourself :-)

Each page is split into two sections – Morning and evening and there are 21 pages to complete.
This printable pdf gives is a great way to start practicing gratitude. It’s pretty design will surely encourage you too keep up your gratitude every single day!

Christmas Survival Guide
How to survive Christmas without gaining weight
This guide can help you to take control of your eating habits at Christmas. And that feeling is priceless :-)
Warning Cards

Use these warning cards as visual aids to help keep you on track. Print them out, cut them out (you may also want to laminate them but that's your choice), and then stick or place them wherever they will work best for you!

Some suggestions:

* On your fridge

* In your purse / handbag

* On your cupboard

* On your mirror

* In your car

* On your biscuit tin

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