Are you ready to
Makeover your 
body and mind?

Are you ready to 
Makeover your 
body and mind?

The Makeover Club is a luxury online platform for women's wellbeing,
full of goodness to help you to become the best you. 
The doors to The Makeover Club are currently open
When you join, you'll have instant access to so many tools and resources that will help you to lose weight easily and effortlessly - and most importantly, you'll enjoy the whole adventure and feel good in the process! Get ready to transform yourself - inside and out.
Would you like to...

* Achieve the body that you've always wanted

* Transform your relationship with food

* End the yo-yo dieting cycle one and for all

* Renew confidence to thrive

* Attain a positive body image
* Experience more energy, gain clarity and focus

* Establish a balance between career and home life
As a busy woman it can often be difficult to dedicate time for yourself - to focus on your self-development. 

You focus on your work, your family... and often put yourself last - or not at all.

You don't prioritise your health and well-being, but you're ready to change that.

And I've made this process as convenient as possible for you!
Thank you for stopping by - I'm so happy that you're thinking about joining The Makeover Club! I created the club as a way for women to lose weight easily, conveniently and without overwhelm.

As a member, you can lose weight simply by listening to my hypnosis audios a few times a week - as simple as that! You may choose to also get stuck into The Makeover Club packs - at your own convenience. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me for further information. I hope to see you on the inside! 

Love Natalie xx
As a member of The Makeover Club you will have...

Access to The Makeover Club membership site, which includes:
Makeover Club Packs
These are bundles of goodness that will help you to work on yourself. The packs include healthy recipes, fitness videos, workbooks and so much more.
Hypnosis Audios
Visit the library of hypnosis audios (mp3s), then simply relax and listen whilst receiving the wonderful benefits. There are hypnosis mp3s for weight loss, emotional healing, inner calm... that's just a few examples. Learn more about hypnosis here
There are lots of goodies inside the club, including meal planners, goal setting worksheets plus much more.
There are various challenges in the club that you can do when you need an extra boost - when you want to push yourself that little bit further.
Monthly online events, including:
Goal Setting Workshop
This live workshop takes place in the Facebook group. The workshop is for us to get clear on our monthly goals and come up with a plan to achieve them in the best way possible.
Group Hypnosis Session
Each month I hold an online group hypnosis session for members only. These sessions are designed to help embed positive suggestions so that weight loss becomes so much easier. Learn more about hypnosis here
Guests & Events
As well as featured experts, every now and then I bring guest experts into The Makeover Club too! The events provided by guests are all unique and special in their own way, and an added gift for members. 
A VIP Facebook group, for members only:
Ask for support
The group is a safe space for members to connect and support each other. You are encouraged to reach out and ask for help if and when you need it, and in return provide support and encouragement to your fellow members
Share your successes
Post your wins and progress in the group - big and small. Share the journey with us, and make it that much more enjoyable. Share any recipes, or tips you may come across with your fellow members. 
Ask questions
Here you can ask questions related to anything and everything body and mind. Or maybe you just need some advice. Fitness? Nutrition? Self care? Whatever you need. Myself and fellow members will be there to guide you.
You'll have access to all of The Makeover Club Packs, just like these ones...
What Makeover Club members say...
"I cannot recommend enough. As someone who really struggles with emotional eating and anxiety I have found the workbooks, mp3s and hypnotherapy sessions invaluable. Also the support from Natalie and my fellow members is amazing. This is an investment in ME and I cannot wait to see what my journey with the Makeover Club is going to bring."
Sharon Heatherington
Newcastle, UK
"Having come across the Makeover Club by accident, I can truthfully say it has given me the kick-start I needed to get my weight and mindset back on track. I'm so glad I joined the Makeover Club and would recommend to anyone who is looking for support without the time to go to a class" 
Michaela Fletcher
Glasgow, UK
You pay a monthly subscription fee, and you can leave at any time 
Monthly Membership: £29 GBP
(approx $40 USD / $51 AUD)
*You may want to use a currency converter to check the exact cost in your currency
Are you sceptical or fearful of hypnosis?
This is perfectly normal! Many people are doubtful, worried or frightened of hypnosis at first, which is why I created the Hypnosis Q&A.

Visit my Hypnosis Q&A page to find out what hypnosis is, and how it can help you - plus I answer all of my most commonly asked questions. 
A Note From Natalie...
Hi I'm Natalie and I'm the founder of The Makeover Club. I created the Club as a way of helping as many women as possible - I wanted to create a safe, supportive community where I can share my knowledge and advice. 
This club is for women that are ready to begin a new, positive and exciting chapter in their lives - to thrive and shine. In control of not only their weight, but also their lives.
What are you waiting for?
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