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Cost of membership is £25 per month
Weight loss - Sleep - Stress - Comfort Eating - Self-Sabotage - Confidence - Beauty - Recipes - plus so much more!
Sharon Heatherington
Newcastle, UK
"I cannot recommend enough. As someone who really struggles with emotional eating and anxiety I have found the workbooks, mp3s and hypnotherapy sessions invaluable. Also the support from Natalie and my fellow members is amazing. This is an investment in ME and I cannot wait to see what my journey with the Makeover Club is going to bring."
Michaela Fletcher
Glasgow, UK
"Having come across the Makeover Club by accident, I can truthfully say it has given me the kick-start I needed to get my weight and mindset back on track. I'm so glad I joined the Makeover Club and would recommend to anyone who is looking for support without the time to go to a class" 
About The Makeover Club Membership
This is a movement of women from all over the world that are ready to Makeover their Bodies & Minds. Women that want to feel GOOD about themselves again. Women that are ready to ditch the diets for good!
* Maybe you've tried many diets in the past - they've worked for a short while, but then you've ended right back at square one. Back at your starting weight, or bigger.

* Maybe you find that you eat to satisfy emotions - boredom, sadness, stress, anger...

* Maybe you just eat mindlessly throughout the day and have no control over your eating habits.


* Maybe you don't need or want to lose weight but want to feel GOOD about yourself

* Maybe you want to increase confidence, self-esteem and self worth

* Maybe you want to reduce your stress levels

* Maybe you just want to connect with other women in a supportive, friendly, uplifting environment

Whatever your reasons are - the Makeover Club can help you become the woman that you want to be <3
So Here's What You'll Get As A Member Of The Makeover Club:
* An Online Community Of Women To Share Your Journey With, Where You Support and Encourage Eachother

* A Membership Site Where You Have Access To Workbooks, Mp3s, Video Tutorials - All Designed To Help You Become The Best Version Of You! An example of what's included - help with: Weight loss , Sleep , Stress, Comfort Eating , Self-Sabotage, Beauty, Recipes - plus so much more!

* Challenges regularly held in the Club - Monday 10th July we start the 21 day Weight Loss Challenge!

* Plus Much More Goodness Planned!
You pay a monthly subscription fee, and you can leave at any time 
(although I hope you won't!) Monthly Membership cost: £25
"The Makeover Club is an amazing thing to be a part of. The support from Natalie and from all of her members is incredible. Ladies who are wanting the support without having to attend meetings - this is absolutely the place for you. If there is something in particularly want to focus on, chat to Natalie and she will work with you to make sure you get the absolute best experience possible."
Samantha Hinton
Birmingham, UK
"I love the Makeover Club. It's motivational. Supportive. Friendly. It has been a great help to me. I Highly recommend."
Stacey Mock
Dorset, UK
"I'm a mum of 2 so taking time out for ME is beneficial for me and my family! I've only been a member for a short time but I love the Makeover Club and I'm very positive and excited about reaching my future goals!" 
Kay Augustus
Ammanford, UK
Note From Natalie...

Hi I'm Natalie and I'm the founder of the Makeover Club. I'm a professional hypnotherapist for women. A few years ago I was overweight and seriously lacking self-esteem. After losing 5 stone in weight, I felt amazing - my confidence grew and I realised I am worthwhile, we all are! I made the decision to help as many women as possible to feel good about themselves. I love to share my experience, hints, tips & advice with women that are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives <3

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