How To Eat To Lose Weight
  by Natalie Benns

Hands up if you’ve tried a diet, lost weight, then regained the weight plus more? That’s because dieting doesn’t work! HOW you eat your food can greatly affect your weight, so I'd like to share with you some tips to help you to shed some pounds!

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1. Portion Control. Have a smaller portion than you normally would. If you're used to large portions of food and find it difficult, you could try gradually reducing your portion size every day. Or maybe you could try using a smaller sized plate as a starting point.
2. Eat Slowly. There is absolutely no point in mindlessly wolfing down your food. Eat your food slowly. By doing this you'll enjoy your food more. Enjoy the quality, not the quantity. By eating slower your stomach has more time to communicate with your brain to let it know that it’s satisfied. Really begin to taste your food for the first time!
3. Chew Thoroughly. Instead of swallowing large pieces of food, chew your food thoroughly so that your body can digest it better. Put your knife and fork down whilst chewing your food, and don’t pick them up again until the food in your mouth has gone.

4. When You Are Satisfied – STOP! This is the part that many people struggle with. Many of us have been conditioned from a young age to eat everything on our plate.
You may have been told as a child:
• “Eat all of your food or you don’t get dessert”
• “Don’t waste your food, there are starving people all over the world”
• “I didn’t spend all that money on food for you to waste it”

You can however train your mind to think differently. When you feel physically satisfied, stop eating and try one, or a few of these methods:
• Think to yourself ‘I would rather that food be wasted in the bin, than wasted as extra fat on my body’
• Visualise yourself as the slim, healthy person that you want to be.
• Imagine a battle going on in your mind – the fat version of you (that wants you to finish your meal even though you are full), and the slim version of you (that wants you to stop eating as you have had enough) Always let the slim version of you win!

5. Confidence Boost. As you scrape the food waste into the bin, tell yourself that you are in control of food. As soon as you've done this, mentally congratulate yourself. Tell yourself that you've just done really well! Feel PROUD of yourself. Feel CONFIDENT knowing that you can walk away, leaving food on your plate. Maybe do a victory dance. Tell yourself how fabulous you are!
Natalie Benns
Mrs Weightloss
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