How To Build Movement Into Your Day!  
  by Natalie Benns

So… it may be that you're overweight and completely inactive - the thought of physical exercise filling you with dread… if that’s the case then use this list to slowly introduce extra movement into your day.

Or, it may be that you ARE exercising regularly, and always looking for extra ways to keep active. If so, then use this list to add even MORE movement to your day!

Combined with sensible eating, you can lose weight AND increase your fitness level. 
Here Are 6 Ways To Get You Moving! 
1. Go for a walk every day – you may want to start with a 5 or 10-minute walk, and slowly increase the duration as your fitness level increases. Alternate the route every now and again to keep it interesting and enjoyable for you.

2. When you're doing the housework, put some upbeat music on and dance as you clean! Not only will it help you to melt more fat, but it will add some fun to your chores!

3. When going shopping, park further away from the supermarket or shops so you have further to walk. You can also do this when going to work by parking further away from your workplace - or anywhere that you’re driving to really! If you need to go somewhere that isn’t too far for you – WALK!

4. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil/ toaster to pop/ microwave to ping – walk/jog on the spot, or do star-jumps! It’s better than just standing or sitting there!

5. Set yourself a ‘Stairs Number.’ For example, here’s how it works if your Stairs Number is 3. Every time you have to go up or down the stairs, you do it 3 times. So, in the morning when you get out of bed, you would walk down the stairs, then back up (that counts as one) after the third time, you can walk down the stairs and stay there. Whenever you need to use the toilet, you would follow the Stairs Number you allocated yourself. The Stairs Number applies every time you have to go up or down the stairs!

6. Are you a couch potato? If so, on TV advert (commercial) breaks, get up of your seat and walk around the house/ walk to the end of the street and back/ walk on the spot/ do step-taps/ or anything else you can think of so that you’re moving! You could even make a silly game when your favourite show is on. Think of something a character in the show does or says regularly. Then decide on what exercise you will do whenever it happens. For example, if watching The Simpsons, you could decide to stand up and do a squat every time Homer says ‘D’oh!’ (the kids will enjoy taking part in this one too!)

Have fun with it!

Enjoy coming up with your own new, creative, fun ways to add physical activity to your day. Whilst you're doing these exercises, you could even smile as you imagine the fat melting from your body!

Natalie Benns
Mrs Weightloss
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