Ladies - We All Need To FAKE IT Sometimes!  
  by Natalie Benns

I'm talking about confidence, of course! Losing weight is much, much easier if you have confidence and believe in yourself. 
Let’s face it, many people eat when they feel down because they often turn to food for comfort.
Well what if you aren't a confident person? FAKE IT!

So when you get up in the morning, you’re getting ready for work, take some extra time on your appearance. Style your hair, do your make-up, paint your nails, dress well… anything to make you feel better about yourself.

Tell yourself in the mirror every morning that you are a confident person, and you are completely in control of food.

When you walk into work, walk tall with your head held high. If you don’t feel confident - then pretend that you are! Act like you are! By doing this, you're learning a new behaviour – and the more often you do it, the more it will become a real part of you. A new, positive part of you.

How can this help you to lose weight?

As you feel your confidence growing, allow the need to eat more to fade away as you realise that you deserve to be slim, healthy and happy – free from a life of overeating. Learn to find comfort in other things rather than food – talking to a friend, going for a walk, if you’re in a relationship then maybe some nookie will do the trick! (And that will burn fat too, wink wink). Absolutely anything that makes you feel good but doesn’t involve food.
You only have one body and mind – take good care of them ❤
Natalie Benns
Mrs Weightloss
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