You deserve 
to be successful 
and in control 
of your weight
You deserve 
to be successful 
and in control 
of your weight
I am so incredibly passionate about hypnosis - it has completely transformed my life. I discovered how powerful it was after qualifying as a professional hypnotherapist. I used my hypnotherapy training on myself to not only lose weight, but to become the woman I had always wanted to be. 

My ultimate goal is to help as many women as possible to live their best life, and I use hypnosis to do this.

Here I'd like to explain what hypnosis is, how it can help you, and also answer any common questions/misconceptions that you may have.
Q. What is hypnosis?
There are SO many different definitions of hypnosis, so I'm going to make it simple for you. 

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion. 

We actually go into hypnosis every day, without even realising it! 

Here's one example of hypnosis that you may have experienced: Have you ever been driving along, and suddenly wonder how you got to your destination? The time seemed to go by, in a daze... and even though you may not recall the whole journey, you were always in control of the wheel. 
Q. What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a complementary/alternative therapy. It's when a hypnotherapist induces a client into hypnosis, and places suggestions into the client's mind in order to create positive change.

During hypnosis your mind is far more likely to accept the suggestions I give you, in order to transform your thinking and behaviour (For example, your eating habits.)
Q. Is it safe?
Yes - when carried out by a fully qualified hypnotherapist. If unsure, ask the practitioner to provide you with evidence of their qualification and insurance. 
Q. What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis is generally very pleasant and relaxing.

Some experience physical symptoms too! Some experience a 'floaty' feeling, whilst others feel heaviness. Some clients simply feel deeply relaxed and comfortable. 

Whatever you feel during hypnosis, is perfectly right for you.
Q. How does it work?
Whilst you are in hypnosis, I place positive suggestions (that will help you to achieve your goal) into your subconscious mind. By doing this, these suggestions will become a part of your everyday life - easily and naturally - changing the way you think and behave in certain situations. 
Q. How can hypnotherapy help me to lose weight?
Hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss (I say this from personal experience!)

During our consultation, I'll ask various questions to get to the cause of your weight issues. Whatever your issues are - we will work on them together, using hypnosis.

It may be that you experienced a trauma that has caused you to overeat, or it may simply be habit! As well as working on the root cause, we also work on the habits that will enable you to become the woman that you truly want to be. Slimmer? Healthier? More confident? More successful?

Whatever you want. This is all about you. Embrace it and enjoy it.
Q. Can you place something specific that I want into my mind?
Absolutely! This is actually extremely effective, as the mind will only accept suggestions that will truly benefit you. You are invited to ask me to place certain things into your mind, and providing it's something that will help you - I will.
Q. Can you help me with something other than weight loss?
Yes! I am a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist and can help with a variety of problems and issues - I simply chose to specialise in weight loss because I used hypnosis on myself to lose my excess weight (as well as getting incredible results for my clients too!)

If you would like to find out if I can help you with something, email me at or message me on my Facebook page HERE.
Q. Can you help me if I'm not local to you?
Yes! My sessions are primarily online using either Skype or Zoom video calls (whichever you prefer). This enables me to treat clients from all around the world!
Q. What happens if, during our online session, the call gets disconnected? Will I get stuck in hypnosis?
If during an online session the call gets disconnected, then you will simply come back to normal awareness after a few moments. It is not possible to get stuck in hypnosis.
Q. How long does a session last and how many sessions do I need?
Each session lasts approximately an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more). For weight loss I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. Other session topics vary. For example, for fears and phobias it would be between 1 - 3 sessions. For anxiety, between 4 - 8 sessions. For further information please email me at or message me on my Facebook page HERE.
Q. Will it work straight away?
For most of my clients, change happens instantly.  For some, they notice things changing, and these changes gradually increasing. 

For example, a client may notice that she no longer feels the need to eat all of her food, then a day later may notice that she no longer wants chocolate, then she may notice that she is drinking more water. Another client may experience a huge breakthrough during a session, and instantly make all the changes neccessary that will help her to reach her goal.

Each client is wonderfully different and unique. I tailor each session to suit you and do whats best for you in order to help you reach your goal.
Q. Can I listen to audios instead of attending a session?
Yes! If undertaking a full 6 week one-to-one programme isn't for you, then you may choose to join my luxury online membership - The Makeover Club. The membership includes a variety of hypnosis audios (mp3s) that you can simply listen to on your phone using earphones!
Q. Will I lose control whilst in hypnosis?
No! During hypnosis you are always in control. I am simply your guide. 
Q. Will I reveal secrets whilst in hypnosis?
No! Hypnosis is not a truth serum - you retain full control over what you say. You will not reveal anything in hypnosis that you would not normally be comfortable revealing. 
Q. Can hypnosis make me do things I wouldn't normally do?
Yes and no. I say this because if you come to me for weight loss and wouldn't normally eat sensibly - hypnosis can help you to do this (something you wouldn't normally do). 

However, I (or any other hypnotherapist for that matter) cannot make you do anything that you don't want to do, or anything that goes against your morals and beliefs. Your subconscious mind simply wouldn't allow it.
Q. During hypnosis, will I be unconscious?
You are not unconscious at any point during hypnosis. You will be in a relaxed state but fully conscious and can come out of that state at any time you want to. 
Q. What if I can't be hypnotised?
Anyone can be hypnotised - providing they can pay attention and follow instructions.
In addition to this, the you must actually want to be hypnotised - as you can not be hypnotised against your will. 
Q. Will I remember anything?
From my experience I find that this varies from person to person. Most clients remember absolutely everything, others remember 'bits and pieces' whilst a few remember nothing at all. 
Q. What if I fall asleep?
Hypnosis can work during sleep as the subconscious mind is still listening. However, this is not something I promote in my sessions. I prefer to create a more 'interactive' experience for my clients to not only ensure that they remain awake but also to ensure that they are following instructions. For example, I often ask my clients to either answer questions during hypnosis or to give a physical gesture (such as nodding their head).
Q. How will I feel afterwards?
This varies from person to person. You may feel slightly dazed, thirsty or tired upon returning to normal awareness. These symptoms last no more than a few minutes. Have a glass of water ready to drink following the session as this will help.
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