Top 3 tips to help you to lose weight and STILL eat chocolate!  
  by Natalie Benns

You don’t have to give up chocolate to lose weight! If you're a chocoholic, then losing weight may be a constant battle. If you deprive yourself of chocolate completely then after a while your desire for chocolate may grow so strong that you end up having a choco-binge!

So I’ve come up with some ways of still having chocolate in your life when you want to lose weight!

1. If you have a bar of chocolate you simply can’t live without, then try this. Cut the bar into sections, and wrap each section in cling film/ plastic wrap. Allow yourself one section per day. You could even put stickers on each one to label the days of the week.

2. Allow yourself one full bar of chocolate once a month. Wrap it up like a birthday present, so it feels even more like a real treat! Write the date in your diary or on your calendar. Call it your chocolate day. Look forward to it. Enjoy it.

3. Make chocolate covered strawberries by simply dipping the fruit into melted chocolate and allowing the chocolate to harden in the fridge. You only need to use a small amount of chocolate, plus you get the benefits of eating nutritious fruits too. Why not experiment with different fruits?
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Natalie Benns
Mrs Weightloss
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