Natalie Benns
Thank you for visiting my page! It's lovely to have you here and I hope to connect with you soon. 
I'm Natalie - a fully qualified and insured professional hypnotherapist. Here's a small part of my story...
I had struggled with my weight for years - I'd always been a fussy eater, and up until the age of around 20 I had been slim. Then my weight started creeping up slowly over the years as I discovered new foods and realised I had been missing out! The problem was, as I realised that I loved all these new foods I was trying - I overindulged. It was as If I was making up for lost time!

The more weight piled on, the more unattractive and unhealthy I felt. The more self-conscious I became. I started to become jealous of other women with amazing figures, feeling inferior to them. Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, which lead to a downward spiral of self-hate, misery, and allowing myself to be treated badly by others. After having my daughter in 2010 my weight was out of control. A lot of baby weight came off naturally over time (as it usually does) but I got stuck at my heaviest weight ever.

I tried every diet product I could get my hands on. I'd lose weight, then gain the weight back, then gain even more weight. I'd then look for another diet product and my favourite saying at the time was "I'll start again on Monday." I've lost count of how many Mondays I started a new diet. After MANY failed diet attempts I realised that diets do not work. A change of mind set does. It really is all in our heads! So I started to eat mindfully, and move more. It was very gradual for me, as I was trying something new and I admit I slipped up many times.

In 2013 I decided to train as a hypnotherapist and formed my first business 'Natalie Jones Hypnotherapy' in July 2015 as a general hypnotherapist, helping people with all kinds of problems and issues, such as phobias, stress, anxiety, habits. By this time, I had lost a lot of weight already by practicing mindful eating - although I had reached a plateau and couldn't seem to lose anymore. So I started practicing self-hypnosis, and the techniques I had learned in my hypnotherapy training. I also created my own techniques which I used regularly. I gained control over my eating habits and felt amazing. The weight came off me without any struggle whatsoever. It was gradual and consistent. I reached a size and weight that I was happy and comfortable with - I felt amazing!!

I soon believed that my true passion was helping other women to lose weight, as I know exactly how it feels to be unhappy with my body. I loved to see the transformation of my clients - getting slimmer, healthier and more confident! New weight loss clients came flooding in after being referred, and soon almost all of my clients were for weight loss! With many successes under my belt, I decided to focus purely on this area, and so 'Mrs Weight Loss' was born!

After digging deeper with my goals and dreams, I realise now that my true passion isn't weight loss - it's helping women to feel GOOD about themselves. And weight loss is a part of that for many women. So in addition to weight loss, I also help with confidence, self-belief, reducing stress and anything else that makes women become the best version of themselves. That's the reason I created my Slimming Fabulous! program - for women that want one-to-one sessions with me, and also the Makeover Club - to create an online community of women that want to feel GOOD again, and to help and support them on their journey <3
Natalie Benns
Founder of Mrs Weightloss
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